Thursday, October 28, 2010

makin a comeback

I just got back from catching a mid-arvo matinee of 'The social network' and found myself sitting in my studio wondering about all kinds of internet-themed concerns. Out of some random bubble burst in my head I decided to check on this blog and noticed that it has been one year to the day that I last blogged. I guess it goes to show how Facebook has changed my life and the way I post my artwork online. I was finding that the feedback I was getting on my work was more visible, more frequent, and more interactive on Facebook.
I started thinking about how unfair that is to the people who follow me on the blog, but don't participate in Facebook. I have basically stopped updating my website, as they have started charging me a lot of money for basic mantainence. This blog is free and I love the idea of having it to showcase my freshest work, I guess I just need to devote the time to it's upkeep. I'd like to promise to start updating my blog at the beginning of every week, let's see what happens next week.
Thanks to anyone and everyone who have thought to stop by this blog and check out my work. I will try harder to share what I am creating.