Thursday, June 11, 2009

Day 53 Thursday
Well, it’s high time that I put this image up. It has been plaguing me for the past week and I can’t even really see it anymore. It all began with a trip to Eden, NSW to paint the communal garden there and put it in the Blake prize for religious art – first prize a whopping $20,000, second a worthy $5,000. I stayed in Eden for a few days making several sketches and a large oil painting (see day 27), but after arriving in my studio in Mildura and trying to finish the large oil, I realized its composition wasn’t doing it for me. Perhaps on a tangent, I got an idea for the ‘death of Eve’ and made a large charcoal sketch using the same figures, church, principal tree and tomato planter. I wasn’t convinced about the theme, but the composition was definitely stronger so I began the painting. I’ve been slashing away at it for the past week in an attempt to get it done in time, and what I’m posting today is the nearly completed painting, minus some small touch-ups. I guess I’m curious about the reaction it will receive. I know it’s quite a bit different from the rest of my current work, but a quick look at my website will hopefully link it to my greater oeuvre. I would be very interested in comments concerning the supposed narrative going on as well as other subjective viewpoints concerning the theme. I have a few more days to work on it, but as I said before the additions will be minimal as I have other paintings to pursue. I have learned more about my painting process by creating this work than from any other work on my trip, perhaps because of the long, drawn-out preparatory work. At any rate, I’m ready to push it out of the nest and into the world.


  1. Hiya Rudy,
    Getting straight to the point, I really like this one. There is so much going on in it and also the vibrancy of the colors. The more you look at it the more you find. At first I thought it was a pretty playful pices, based mostly on the color, but after looking closer, it really does take on a pretty dark aspect. The woman looks old, worn out and in pain, and the plants around her definately have some kind of evil tentacle like she will be wrapped up and consumed by them. This is contrasted by the guys in the background all out of scale, playing on with what to me seems to be something that is driving the whole process.
    Enough on that... out of comprehensible stuff to say.
    Mian thing, I really like this one, and one of the best I reckon...

  2. Hi Rudy,
    I've been thinking about this one for a bit. I didn't like it all that much in the beginning as it so dark, that was the first thing that hit me. The woman, she looks like she's having a heart attack and nobody cares, it's all falling away from her and the guys' are doing a Nero, fiddling while Rome burns, so to speak, especially with the firey sky behind. They seem uncaring and the church seems so far away one would never reach sanctuary no matter how fast you ran. Yes it does make one think and that is a really good thing, that's what it should be about. The composition is very powerful as is the's hoping for you! That would be great!!!! Rubi

  3. Agreed. Really an amazing piece Roo. There is an overall skeezy feeling looming on the horizon that contributes to the hurried and exhausted nature of the woman in the foreground. It’s as if a storm (or something worse?) is brewing and she is working to harvest before her bounty is destroyed. The fiddle players and especially the look on the larger guy’s face add an eerie feeling and a soundtrack that ties it all together. It really comes alive with the bright colors and deep shadows. I love this one. Great job! Skatto

  4. I like it too Rudy. I think the composition is working for you. Enjoying your blog. Maria