Saturday, September 3, 2011

Goulburn revisited

The Briars oil on rough linen 2011

This past month I had the opportunity to head back to Goulburn to house-sit for a mate. The first two paintings are studio paintings of two sites at South Hill that I oil sketched this past winter and finished in the studio. I'm trying some new glazing techniques that I picked up from Charlie Sheard, which I find dramatically increase the colour 'mood'.

The Windbreak oil on linen 2011

This little crop of shrubby trees is in the corner of a paddock at South Hill where I like to hunt for rabbits.

Inside Days, Goulburn oil on panel 2011

The weather during the two weeks of my house-sit ranged from mild sunny days for working outside, to days like the one when I painted this one. Threw a few logs on the fire, retrieved my mate's entire collection of Death Cab for Cutie out of his closet and painted this little interior.

A Riot of Sparrows oil on panel 2011

Part of the job of housesitting was to look after my mate's chooks. They were timid little things, and after dumping in the day's feed, I would watch these little sparrows fly through the chicken wire to feast, while the poor chooks would cower in the corner of the pen.

View into the Bathroom oil on linen 2011

The wonderfully cool winter light cast different tones all over his house and provided me with quiet little views like this one.

The Boy's School oil on linen 2011

On one of the nicer days I set up outside this dis-used Boy's School perched on top of a hill in town. The old buildings that populate the hills of Goulburn are a testament to the industriousness of the first settlers, and ideas of permanence in architecture that prevailed at that time.

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  1. "The Briars" is an incredible painting, possibly my favourite of yours ever. I like "a riot of sparrows" too very much.