Sunday, December 12, 2010

break in the weather

Broken stones 2010 oil on panel

On Thursday I beat it back to the graveyard and painted this 'mouse view' of some broken tombstones. I love the orange wild flowers of the present moment and have been looking to get as many in as possible. The recent rains have flooded Goulburn and when evening came on, Shaun and I drove down to the weir to help some locals evacuate their possessions out of their flooded houses.

The road up the hill 2010 oil on panel

The weather broke, and Friday and Saturday were sunny and bright. I started a large painting on Saturday, but couldn't continue today on account of the strong winds. I did some work around the property and then painted this scene which is what I'm always looking at from my front door.

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  1. Love the broken stones painting, such a "real" scene. YOu've literally captured the effects of time and human decay.