Friday, December 24, 2010

christmas tree 2010 oil on panel

I didn't think I would paint today, and practiced the fiddle and went for a swim in the dam instead. Then as I was sitting under the plum trees munching away, I saw this old wizened pine and decided it would be my christmas tree.

the blackberry bush 2010 oil on panel
I had seen this bush the other day when I was out here painting 'up and over the hill'. A couple of small birds landed on the tips of the branches and I thought it was a marvelous idea for a composition. No birds dropped by when I painted this, so I'll have to keep my eyes open and sketch something to put in later.

hawthorne path 2010 oil on linen
I am in deep admiration of the gum tree in the background. It has made it into at least three paintings so far. The hawthornes have been amazing as well, with the acidic yellow lichens growing on the branches.

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