Wednesday, December 22, 2010

up up up

up and around the bend 2010 oil on linen 120x120cm

This is a view I pass every time I head in to Goulburn, and I've been wanting to do something big - so here it is! I started it about a week ago and finished it up yesterday. The winds have been pretty wild recently, so I tried to get a feeling of that in the grass and the clouds.


  1. It *is* great!

    You've done really well witht he field, the grass being blown about by the wind and the play of light is gorgeous, and the trees crawling up the sides of the hill look fantastic... awesome!

  2. Yeah. Really beautiful Rudy. Love the way the path leads the eye through the composition.

  3. Cole (along with his brothers and parents) is visiting Orlando to attend a bowl game (Roll Tide!). We started reminiscing and that let to review your blog. Nice work! Have a great New Year! Thinking of you....Leslie, Cole, etc.