Thursday, January 13, 2011

long days

we are the dreamers of dreams 2011 oil on panel

Zac has come out to visit. and today we went down to the dam and I found these dandy lions. The rain held off and it even got hot enough for a swim. The white dandelions always remind me of blowing on them while making wishes. I suppose I did a litte wishing today while painting this one.

sleepy stones 2011 oil on panel

Went to the cemetery again this morning and found these twin weeds growning out of the shade of a broken stone. I have been enjoying watching the local weeds grow to gargantuan proportions because of all of the rain.

the stone garden 2011 oil on panel

I've been trying to look for more complicated compositions to see if I can get the feel of the scene without 'tightening up' too much. The dead brambles in the foreground were a bit of a challange but I ended up very happy with this one.


  1. The dandelion painting has to be one of my favourites of yours to date.

    The other two are of course, exquisite - not to be overshadowed by my first statement, but I do love that painting a lot

  2. I love the dandy lions, too! Just kept sitting here admiring it. Great work!

  3. really nice, Rudy. Love the softness in the dandelions.