Wednesday, January 26, 2011

up and over 2011 oil on panel

This is a view from the top of the hill, with the path that I take down to the dam in the middle distance. The swail in the foreground is the only way I can get around on the hill, because everywhere else is covered in 2m thistles.

Millet's hill 2011 oil on panel

Joe and Channelle came out to visit and knowing that they would be here soon, I picked the smallest panel I had available to do today's painting. They tried to sneek up on me as I was finishing it, but I foiled their schemes and ended up with this little gem to show for it. It reminds me of my favourite painting in the Art Institute of Chicago, a painting by Millet called 'in the Auvergne'.

eyes on the skies 2011 oil on panel
I found an even older cemetery than the one I've been visiting for the past two months. It was right around the corner and has some really old stones. The jail was in the background from one angle, but I chose to show the lighthouse in the back of this one.


  1. I like "Up and over" - really rich colours in this one, not washed out or dusty at all, yet it still evokes the feeling of the Australian bush and landscape.

  2. Hi Rudy,

    My name is Lisa Woolfe. I’m a painter/printmaker. I admired your work for a quite a while and just wanted to drop you a line to tell you !. I'm glad to have happened across your blog.

    Lisa Woolfe