Saturday, May 2, 2009

Day 13 Saturday 3200km
We woke up and headed down to the café Locavore in Huskisson to see Randall’s exhibition there and have a bit of brekkie. The summer crowd had finally made their return to the city and there were a smattering of locals around chatting to us in the glow of a beautiful morning. We were keen to get painting, so after heading back to Scribbly studio to get materials, we drove straight down the south side of Jervis Bay to Murray’s Beach. I crawled up into the scrub and did a gauche of the sun-lit gums and a little cloud study, while Randall did a couple of watercolours of the rocks. It was tempting to go for a swim, but we finished up and headed back into town to meet up with some people that had bought Randall’s sculpture of an ape looking at a bible titled ‘how come?’ After a beer and a bit of a bush walk, we piled in his van and drove up to Kangaroo Valley for a concert by The Band of Brothers. It was a coolish night, but the sold-out crowd packed into the giant tent and filled it with a bit of warmth. The two sets of brothers came out and gave an amazing performance on two guitars, a large lute and some hand drums. After the show we cut out of there quick, and as the fog descended into the valley we navigated the tight turns over the mountain to get back to the coast.

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