Friday, May 1, 2009

Day 11 Thursday 2950km As there was no signal out at Ronnie’s place, I got around early and went into Kiama to have breakfast at ShortBlack and check my emails. I called one of the locals that I had met at the pub last night, Graham, and he met me after brekkie and we prepared to head up the mountain, him with his camera and me with my paints. We picked Ronnie up on the way, and as he drove higher the temperature dropped and the clouds and mist descended. On our way through Jamberoo I saw an old sandstone church for sale that would make a lovely studio/gallery/home. Graham showed us around his favourite spots including Carrington and Belmore falls, as well as Nelly’s Glen, which Ronnie and I agreed would be our new favourite swimming hole come spring. We sucked on some of the late honeysuckle that we encountered before heading back to town. I was anxious to get a picture done, so Ronnie took me to a spot to view a church that he thought worth drawing and we both sat in the sun and tried to get an image, me in gauche, him in pen and ink. After painting, we hit two of the local pubs and indulged in a little ‘old brown’ before heading back to his to have his mother’s magical chicken soup.

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