Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wednesday 2950
This morning wasn’t quite as cold as yesterday’s, and even though it was overcast I was looking forward to being outside. Before painting however, Mick took me to his friend Glen Preece’s studio and I was able to have a look at numerous works, both finished and in progress. Glen’s work is mainly autobiographical, and he works freely from his memory and imagination. The figures that inhabit his paintings (occasionally including himself, as well as friends and family) can be quite loose and simple in the small works, or more refined and personalized in his larger works. After the visit, Mick took me to his mother’s place to paint and I found a nice spot sitting amongst the apple trees. As I was finishing the painting up, the visit with Glen that morning inspired me to put Mick’s mother into the painting and I think I’ll title this one ‘Nan and her apple trees’. I finished up and we went into town for a warm bowl of corn and sweet potato soup and coffee. It was hard to say goodbye as we had had such a nice time over the past couple of days, but with a bucket of fresh veggies and a big hug, I climbed into joan and headed down the road to Kiama. I had planned to meet up with my mate Ronnie and he was still in Sydney, so when I got to the coast I went straight to the Harbour bar and bistro for a Kent old brown. Pints were the same price as schooners, and a local named John saw me pouring over my map on my own and invited me over to his table. John kept good company and his mates and I all sat around talking about the recent cold snap and the outbreak of swine flu. Ronnie eventually made it in and picked me up, and we went back to his mum’s for a curry and a very chilled-out evening.

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