Monday, April 13, 2009

Friday 600km
Got up bright and early and hit the streets looking for a coffee and ended up having a full breakfast with juice at Miei Amici. Completed the three pictures for the day quite quickly while making small talk with passing strangers. One guy named Zimmerman from Canberra told me an interesting quip about the origin of stripes on sweaters. He claimed that back in the day when mothers would knit all of their children’s clothing, if a (let’s say green) sweater had a hole worn in it, it would simply be unravelled and the yarn saved. If a child was in a growth spurt and their favourite red sweater no longer fit anymore, mother would unravel it and extend the material by adding in the green yarn from before as ‘stripes’. Whether this is true or not, I find it absolutely intriguing. I finished up and went to have a very expensive lunch at the Clock restaurant, and just as my main was arriving I looked out the window to notice that the rain was too. Rather than fix-up the pieces tonight, I figured I would get up an hour early tomorrow to touch them up.

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