Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wednesday 382km
Woke up to a very cool, crisp morning. Headed towards Cowra with less than an hours drive, I took the back roads and before long found a nice little place to pull over and paint a small panel. As the day warmed up I was able to shed my layers and replace my redbacks with a pair of sandals. Finished the painting and over a bit more gravel to arrive in Cowra around 11am. I went and joined NRMA as was recommended by Shaun and several other seasoned travellers, picked up some groceries and then tried to sort out my internet. I found out the night before that I am out of credit on the Telstra wireless that Mike gave me, so I found a Telstra store and enquired about recharging. The lady there said that she couldn’t give me any information on how long $50 worth of credit would last, and she couldn’t help explain how to make sure the connection is working and she couldn’t do anything else for me except sell me the $50 voucher and give me a phone number (25 cent call) to a call centre for customer service. I left wondering why they can’t replace her with a vending machine. This episode left me frazzled, so I jumped in joan and headed out towards Young. Just past midday I stopped on the side of the highway at the Triple J cafĂ© and had a schnitzel. There was a bus full of senior tourists from Sydney tucking into some serious roadhouse food while watching me fiddle with my laptop out of the corner of their eyes. No signal, damn. Good schnitzel though, and the butter sanga on white bread (no crust) really made it feel regional. I was hoping to stop by two cherry orchards on my way through Young to enquire about WWOOFing and got out my book, but there was no signal for my phone so I just hit a gravel road and before long found myself on top of a huge hill. I painted another little panel and since it was going on five o’clock I cooked up a curry and settled in for the night. With an incredible 360 degree view of the area, I couldn’t help feeling like I was camped at the local pashing spot. After I had gone to sleep in the back of joan, I was awakened by a hoon who drove up and put his headlights right into my windows and probably got a pretty good look at my bed-head, before stomping on it and sending dust everywhere. It felt very primitive. Was this a local who was asserting dominance over his territory? Did he have a keen sheila with him, and seeing his usual mating ground occupied now had look for a different spot to woo her? I snorted and pulled the covers back over my head.

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