Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesday 2700

Woke up and restocked my palette with fresh paint and lots of it before setting out to explore Mick’s land. I had all day to paint and ended up doing a small oil and two gauches. It was marginally warmer today, and with the sun shining down on me I was quite content to paint the day away. As I was working on the oil of Mick’s neighbour’s chookery, his German shepherd came out and had a fit at seeing me. The dog alerted his owner who came out and said hello, and after all of the fuss I decided to put them both in the painting at the back of the path. Mick finished up his business by midday and came out and we painted alongside each other and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon before heading back to the house for dinner. I did a mess of chorizo and spinach with breaded eggplants, again from the garden and we relaxed into the evening listening to a CD of poems by the local poet Mark Tredinnick.

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