Sunday, May 3, 2009

Day 14 Sunday 3200km

Got up and headed straight back to Locavore in Huskisson for some waffles, pancakes and coffee. Afterwards, we stopped in at the local framers and gallery and met John who had framed up a print for Randall. He took interest in my gauches and picked out two that he would like to hang in the gallery until I pass back through in August. Back out to Sribbly Studios, we cleaned up the place a little bit in the anticipation of guests who would be visiting shortly. The day was warm and beautiful and after staring at Randall’s veggie patch for a while, I went and grabbed my paints and got stuck in. As I was painting away, Jasmine hung her washing on the Hill’s hoist and I decided to paint her in her beautiful red and white checker dress. Then Randall’s rooster came strutting over and asked to be put in, so I got him in there too. As dusk approached, we grabbed all manner of musical instruments, food and grog and headed out into the bush to watch the sunset and sit around the fire. Slowly people started to head home, partially driven by the huge red ants that had bitten two picnicers and one dog. We went back into the shed and jammed a bit more and the night slowly wore down with nightcaps of tequila and scotch.


  1. Looks like I have a lot to look forward to over the next few months. Your works are just absolutely beautiful. I find a peace in knowing you are appreciating mamma earth and her people with such gusto; and I get to tag along :)
    I'm soo proud and happy for you!

  2. That rooster's pretty cool! Good to see & hear you're having such fun. Particularly love the yellow church, it's great.